Daingean Ui Bhigin Archaeological Excavation Report

Daingean Ui Bhigin Interior view
Daingean Ui BhiginExterior view

In 2016, TVAS Ireland published an extensive Archaeological Excavation Report. As part of their research they excavated two trenches approximately 1m wide and 5m long recovering approximately 291 artefacts. This included approximately :

  • 137 pieces of animal bone
  • 14 pieces of oyster shell
  • 87 pieces of bottle glass
  • 11 pieces of window glass
  • 3 ieces of vessel glass
  • 7 pieces of likely roofing tile
  • 2 pieces of clay tobacco pipe
  • 5 iron nails
  • 1 unidentified piece of iron
  • 22 sherds of post-medieval pottery
  • 1 piece of medieval pottery
  • A part of a rotary quernstone

The full report can be accessed via this link