Description of Dangan County Clare A History and Topography 1837 by Samuel Lewis

O.S. No. 133. Long. 8º48´.W. Lat. 52º50´.N.
Of this once large and important castle on a small part remains, and that is not easily visible through the great growth of ivy and bushes which occupies the site. In Lewis’ Topographical Dictionary it is stated that the castle was built by Philip de Clare, and was quadrangular with a round turret at each corner and a keep in the middle.

It would not now, however, be recognized from this description, for only one of the turrets or bastions remains visible, and the keep is a later structure built on the west side, partly outside the original building line, and apparently occupying the site of the south-west bastion. The quadrangular enclosure seems to have been about 100 feet square, but the east wall is entirely demolished, and the south wall has been altered at different times, and what remains of it are much obstructed by fallen stones, so that it is hard to trace the exact plan. On the south-west is a square tower, 50 ft. by 40 ft. (though the south wall has fallen) and originally apparently of three or more storeys in height. It is divided into two parts by a transverse wall running north and south, each half covered with a pointed barrel vault over the first floor. A newel staircase occupied the south-west corner. In the north wall is a window of fifteenth century character.

To the south-east, and apparently largely outside the original line of wall, a large hall was built, the only remaining features of which shew work apparently of the sixteenth century. It measures 50 ft. by 30 ft.

In the north wall was a large window of which the internal splays and round rear arch remain, carefully worked in ashlar masonry. On the east wall appears a weather mold, marking the lower roof of buildings which formerly stood on the south side of the court.

The whole structure is very ruinous and covered with ivy.

County Clare A History and Topography by Samuel Lewis
Courtesy of Clare Local Studies Project