Fenloe Church and Graveyard – a layperson’s guide

Fenloe Celtic monastic site lies at the edge of the neighbouring parish of Newmarket on Fergus,east of Quin. For the visitor it is a hidden gem that needs to be sought out. As so often the case with Irish monks, they located their church in a place of quiet beauty. The presentchurch, built in the 15th century, overlooks Fionn Lough.Fenloe site,sometimes described asTom Fenloe, comes from the Irish Tuam Finnlough, the Tomb of the Fair Lake, as recorded in The Annals of the Four Masters.

Aiden Harrington has written an  interesting article on Fenlo Church and Graveyard and the full article can be found here.  One reason for his interest in the picturesque Fenloe Church and Graveyard comes from the fact his relations are buried there. 

He notes that the recorded burials date back to 1746. Harrington declares that “Fenloe is not only a place of outstanding scenic beauty, it is also a very interesting historical site where we can trace 1500 years of our history”.