Paddy Baker, New York, formerly Quin Garderns

In September, Siobhán O’ Sullivan of Quin Heritage, met Seamus Baker and his wife Anita who were home from the USA in September.

Séamus was eager that his dad, who grew up in Quin Gardens in the 1930’s but now lives in the States as does Séamus, would be interviewed by Quin Heritage to document his memories of life growing up in Quin in the 1930’s.

Paddy’s nephew Anthony, whose mother Mary Lenihan was a primary teacher in Quin, kindly agreed to zoom call Paddy. We learn of Paddy’s early introduction to hard work from ten years of age, how they once played hurling on the streets of Quin and the Abbey was also their playground.

Paddy Baker, Quin Gardens Interview 2023

by Interviewd by Anthony Lenihan