Heritage week 2021 narrated video – Quin Through The Ages

Narrated Video – submission for Heritage Week

Michael, Siobhan, Richard and Yvonne have compiled a pre-recorded online narrated video entitled ‘The Story of Quin through the Ages’. This is a small introduction to the heritage of Quin and surrounding areas.

This video is the focal point to our project  submission for National Heritage Week 2021.  Our full submission can be viewed here.

We are proud to live in an area rich in archaeological remains, which merits our attention, in order to both preserve and conserve same.

Most notable is the 14th century Franciscan Friary, the 13th century St. Finghin’s church as well as a host of tower houses and castles such as 15th centuryKnappogue.

With so many sites to choose from here’s what we have selected for this video:

      • Bronze age Quin
      • Magh Adhair Inauguration site
      • Quin Friary
      • St. Finghins
      • A selection of tower houses and castles
      • Fenloe church and graveyard

Thank you for watching! 🙂

This project is supported by the Heritage Council under the Community Heritage Grant Scheme 2021.